Grow Permaculture

Our farm partner is Grow Permaculture, a design, consulting, and education firm focused on sustainable and regenerative living, farming, and business through the practice of permaculture, or holistic design. We give regular classes on the farm and offer apprenticeship programs as well. We love to help other small, regenerative farmers be successful! 

Grow Permaculture is dedicated to forwarding the practice of consciously designing human systems to increase quality of life, while healing the environment. Our consulting services and the information in our courses and workshops can increase abundance, save money and time, help rebuild communities, and repair environmental damage. Our focus is on resilient, regenerative solutions for individual homes, community gardens, public spaces, businesses and neighborhoods in urban areas as well as small farms, eco-retreats, and ranches.  As volunteers, our focus is on high poverty areas that exist within damaged ecosystems– we feel that our future and our survival is bound up with all others.

Renewable energy is a key aspect of regenerative living; we offer solar services and products as an integral part of our design work. All of our products are of the highest quality and chosen for their ability to do the job dependably.

We have decades of experience as educators and many of our students feel that our courses on permaculture are life changing. We offer the internationally recognized professional-level Permaculture Design Course as well as smaller classes in creating food forests, solar systems, and other aspects of regenerative, resilient living. 

Our core team works with experts and professionals in a number of areas to bring you the best solutions, and we continue to stay updated regarding new breakthroughs in our field. 

We look forward to working with you toward a more regenerative future!