About Us

Our nursery is stocked from our permaculture demonstration farm, Our Permaculture Farm, a 10 acre family run farm.

Permaculture stands for permanent culture, which means that it is sustainable, regenerative and designed using whole system design

techniques. You could simplify it further by saying that we work with nature not against her. And we work for the long term survival of people and the planet, together.

An example of how we do this is that we use organic “waste” like wood chips and food waste, to build beautiful, rich soil for plants, and we focus on plants that do well in our climate, and that have high nutritional value - superfoods. We grow them without toxins, with smart use of water and minimal inputs. This reduces our costs while also reducing the load on the environment and increasing our health and the capacity of our yard to produce abundance. This is holistic design. 

Our culture, with its focus on making and saving money, has in so many cases sacrificed quality. One consequence is that our society now largely accepts barely nutritious produce that destroys soils and water quality to grow it, as a quick and cheap source of food. As a result the health industry is booming with a constant inflow of new and repeat business.

We believe this is unacceptable and an irresponsible operating basis.

Fortunately one can grow rich, tasty and nutritious food without breaking the bank. One of the nice "side effects" of eating healthy is one does not need to eat as much to feel "full". The constant urge to eat more is quenched and you are satisfied with less. When harvesting your own fresh food, the nutrients and live enzymes that are so beneficial and healing to the body stay intact and available, as opposed to buying lettuce that is 2 weeks old and been shipped cross country from California.

We have found that modern medical drugs often just treat the symptoms instead of aiding the healing the body. We thus focus on adaptogenic* herbs and other holistic medicinal herbs that focus on helping the body on a holistic basis. Both highly nutritious foods and herbs can support in healing the body rather than just address symptoms. While one should consult a qualified practitioner for serious health conditions and symptoms, one can boost the health capacity of the body and support whatever additional treatment is needed, with healthy foods and herbs. 

Come and try our products. In addition to nursery plants, we offer health teas, aloe leaf, and other herbal products. Our product line is increasing regularly so check back for more items. And let us know what you would like to see us offer!

Depending on your diet and health it might require a period of time of letting your body cycle out the poor ingredients and replace them with new ones, for you to notice results. Most people will however taste the difference of live and naturally grown food immediately. There is nothing like fresh salad straight from your garden, and smoothies made from ingredients you picked fresh yourself. 

We believe good soil is the basis of growing healthy, life giving food and medicine. We grow our plants in chemical free soil that gives them a great start in life. We do not use bee killing neonicotinoids or other pesticides or herbicides. Our prices are slightly higher because it is more expensive for us to produce our soil and care for chemical free plants, but you get a higher value for the price. Your plant will be more likely to thrive and stay disease and pest free if you continue to provide it with good, live organic soils rich in fertility.

Note: We do not give medical advice nor do we assert that any of our plants offer specific medical cures. We do share information from studies and other literature as well as traditional uses available online, which we urge you to research for yourself and also discuss with your medical practitioner of choice. 

*Adaptogen: a plant extract that is held to increase the body's ability to resist the damaging effects of stress and promote or restore normal body functions.